Safety, Hygiene and Health

"Safety is a way of life for us and it's our business to...”

Conkor International LLC states as a premise the implementation of materials for Safety. Hygiene, Environmental and Personal Protection of our most valuabie asset which our People.

That's the reason why offer them the major protection possible. equipping them with the proper Equipment to execute their duties and also notifying of possible risk trainings and conscience thru daiiy Speeches and conferences performed by the Safety Hygiene and Health Department.

Anti Alcohol and anti drugs policy

We are seriously committed in develop our daily activities in an environment free of alcohol, tabaco and drugs as in our Offices and Yard as in Clients Offices.

We guaranty the success of our Performance through the Education and the applying of Disciplinary Actions.

"We work with total respect toward the ecosystem”

Conkor International LLC has a main objective Goal of minimize the impact to the Natural Enviroment and to achieve that goal we conduct our activities in perfect harmony and with total respect to the Ecosystem.

In addition, we have implemented a Program of waste Disposal according to its classification. We recycle different waste like: paper, cardboard, electrical wastes, metal waste, pinter waste, chemical waste and other products as a resutt of our daily operations.

Eco Friendly